Sunday, October 21, 2012

On a Roll

It took no time at all! The Jelly Roll Quilt (also called the 1600" Quilt) was a snap to piece up. In fact, it was so easy that I had to keep reminding myself to slow down!

Check the previous post for a link to a great video tutorial. If you can use a sewing machine at all, the basic steps are most simple.

Piece each strip into one long strip. Order is not hugely important. I just grabbed them as they came out of the package.

Once every single piece is sewn into the strip, cut off about half of the first colour. (This ensures that the seams in your long strip don't end up lining up in an annoyingly regular way.) Carefully match the ends and sew a seam. When you get to the end of your seam, cut the fabric strip in half.

Continue lining up the ends and sewing a seam. You'll double the width of your fabric every time. End result: see top of post. A glorious, anabashed riot of colour!

Added bonus: because it's so simple, it's a good opportunity to practice sewing straight seams. Very very straight seams.

Now I need yet more fabric...binding, backing, and batting, once again. Better go tweak the budget to include more money for hobbies!

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