Sunday, October 28, 2012

Robyn's Binding

I decided to take a chance on my Singer and try a bit of machine quilting. I was worried about the material feeding through, the tension going wonky...but it actually worked! <insert singing angels here>

Some things I learned:
  • There's a reason people buy those bendy safety pins. It prevents hemorrhaging due to multiple poky pins.
  • The machine needs a little help at the beginning. And at the seams.
  • Keep your eye on the prize! That is to say, if I'm too lazy to draw a guideline and decide to wing it, I need to watch where I'm going At All Times.
  • Smoothing the fabric with your fingers as you go can do wonders to prevent puckering.
  • Ironing. Ironing is cool. It's awesome. And it's definitely NOT a waste of time. (see illustration below)

This quilting thing is bringing me up against a whole new set of skills. That's where YouTube and friendly bloggers come in. People who freely share their knowledge so that people like me, who don't know where to start, can actually start.

 This time, it's thanks to Crazy Mom Quilts that I learned how to bind a quilt. Her tutorial is clear and concise...and it works!

Once the binding is complete and I've washed the quilt (now there's a nerve-wracker!), I'll wait for a sunny day to take some pictures of the whole thing. The colours are so vivid and the camera's just not picking up on that in my wee apartment.

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