Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I promised myself I would not buy fabric or yarn until after January's pay day. Well, yesterday was pay day. Got my budget all straightened out, and off to Wolsely I went. The store was packed, but I knew exactly what I wanted! Between pulling money from my gift budget (gotta make a gender-neutral baby blanket for an upcoming arrival), my hobby budget (all mine! all for me!), and a generous gift, I ended up with this:

The light blue in the bottom corner is destined to become the baby blanket, using this pattern. I love it for its texture and the ease with which it whips up. (Now there's some alliteration for your weekend.) The dark and light purples are going into a ripple blanket, as are the red and grey. And the heathered blue will finish off a lacy lap/baby blanket that I decided to make because all my projects were so dense, and I wanted a change. Oh, and the cream-coloured yarn is for another baby blanket. It would've been the gift, except that they only had 3 balls, and I needed 8.
So yes, I'm a wee bit giddy with delight. It's a good thing I had cash to spend, because I'm sure that with a card, I would've cleared them out of Rowan yarns. 'Tis a delight, that stuff is!
Now back I go to furiously crocheting up that light blue (technically known as 'Pier'). 14.5 rows done, only 38.5 (plus a border) to go!

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