Sunday, January 13, 2013

Work In Progress

I'm considering making Work In Progress posts a regular weekend feature. If this shows up again next weekend, you'll know how that idea panned out!

I just can't stay away from that Rowan yarn. It's gorgeous stuff. (And no, they don't pay me. They don't even know I exist.)

It's gonna be a baby blanket. The colours are a bit off in the picture; the red should be redder and the grey should be a bit deeper. I learned my lesson from the last ripple blanket I made and kept it a bit on the small side. I can always add borders if need be.

There's an excellent tutorial for rippling over on Ravelry by Attic 24. You can find it here.

I'll need to buy more yarn before this blankie gets finished, which means it won't be done before February. January is Frugal Month around here! (No, I'm not down to KD and soup cans. But a little figurative belt-tightening is a good thing now and then.)

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