Monday, August 12, 2013

Toadstool Amigurumi Pattern

I'm a fan of toadstools and hedgehogs, so I wanted to create my own amigurumi patterns for them. The hedgehog's still a twinkle in my eye, but here is the completed toadstool pattern! It makes a sweet toy (for children who have moved beyond eating everything inedible in sight), a Christmas tree decoration, or a d├ęcor item.

Although the photos are (I think) helpful, I do have to apologize for the poor quality. They were all taken with my phone, which was handier than hauling out the camera. Hopefully they're clear enough to make some of the instructions more clear.

Please leave me a message if you find any errors or have any questions. I'd love your feedback!

Without further ado, here it is:

Approx. 4” high and 3.5” wide.
I used a 3.5mm hook and a worsted-weight cotton. Use whatever hook and yarn you want, as long as the combination produces a single crochet stitch that is tight.
This project is crocheted in the round. You might want to use a stitch marker to remind you where each round begins.
The numbers in brackets indicate the total number of stitches in that round.
·         Worsted weight yarn in red, off-white, and white
·         3.5mm hook
·         Fiberfill
BLO = back loop only
dec = decrease single crochet (hook through stitch, pull through yarn, hook through next stitch, pull through yarn, yarn over, pull yarn through all three loops)
FLO = front loop only
FO = finish off
inc = increase single crochet (stitch 2 single crochet in 1 single crochet)
sc = single crochet
sl = slip stitch

Toadstool Cap
With red yarn, form a magic ring. 6sc in ring, and pull to tighten. OR ch2, and 6sc in 2nd chain from hook.
Round 1: inc in each sc around (12)
Round 2: (inc, 1sc) around (18)
Round 3: (inc, 2sc) around (24)
Round 4: (inc, 3sc) around (30)
Round 5: (inc, 4sc) around (36)
Round 6: sc in each sc around (36)
Round 7: (inc, 5sc) around (42)
Round 8: sc in each sc around (42)
Round 9: (inc, 6sc) around (48)
Round 10: sc in each sc around (48)
Round 11: FLO sc in each sc around (48) FO
Attach off-white yarn.
Round 12: in BLO (left over from round 11) (dec, 6sc) around (42)

Round 13: (dec, 5sc) around (36) 
White Spots

Place a stitch marker to keep the off-white yarn from unraveling. Using white yarn, make the white spots for the red cap of the toadstool.
For smaller spots: form a magic ring and crochet 6sc in ring. Pull string to close loop. FO
For larger spots: form a magic ring and crochet 6sc in ring. Pull string to close loop. Inc in each sc around (12). FO
Make sure you leave long tails for attaching!
I made 3 of each size. If you like more or less, go for it. You could make larger spots by adding a round (inc, 1sc around). Smaller spots could be made using French knots.
To attach, choose placement. Thread the yarn tail coming from the back centre of the spot onto a tapestry needle. Poke through the red cap and unthread needle. Thread the other yarn tail onto the needle. Sew the spot to the toadstool cap. When you’re done, poke the needle through to the back. Using both tails, tie 3-4 knots to secure.

Back to Toadstool Cap
Round 14: (dec, 4sc) around (30)
Round 15: (dec, 3sc) around (24)
Round 16: (dec, 2sc) around (18)
Round 17: (dec, 1sc) around (12)
Round 18: dec around (6)
Don’t fasten off.

Sl out 3 rows, then sl 22 stitches in a circle. (If it’s a few more or less, adjust with inc or dec in the first row.) When you’re done slip stitching, turn your work so that the right side of the sc will show on the outside of the trunk.

Round 1: ch 1. sc in each slip stitch around (22)
Round 2: sc in each sc around (22)
Round 3: (inc, 10sc) around (24)
Round 4: (inc, 3sc) around (30)
Round 5: (inc, 4sc) around (36)
Round 6-9: sc in each sc around (36)
Round 10: (dec, 4sc) around (30)\
Round 11: (dec, 3sc) around (24)
Round 12: BLO (dec, 2sc) around (18)
Round 13: (dec, 1sc) around (12)
Round 14: dec around (6) FO
And you're done!


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